Key component of MOSTPROJEKT business is Bridge engineering. The company has been working worldwide on the design, construction supervision and maintenance of highway and railway structures. Our expertise includes bridges, tunnels, culverts and retaining walls.

MOSTPROJEKT engineers are well respected for their provision of construction engineering services. We pride ourselves to think outside the box and provide efficient and innovative solutions. We are known to support contractors with our practical know-how in order to guarantee smooth procedures on-site.

Services Performed:
• Design services for complicated building designs
• Bridge maintenance and rehabilitation inspections
• Rehabilitation design for all types of structures
• Professional supervision during construction
• Construction Management
• Tender preparation
• Overview of technical documentation
• Consultancy services

• Steel, composite, reinforced-concrete, pre-tensioned and wooden bridges
• Industrial halls, crane beams, hangars, storage buildings, industrial bridges
• Communication towers, steel antenna masts
• Residential and business buildings
• Sport objects
• Chimney, water towers, silo
• Airport buildings
• Different types of substructures (lightning, pipeline…)
• Retaining walls
• Different types of complex and special structures