About Us

Mostprojekt is a civil engineering company that has provided services in civil projects since 1956.
We had proven excellence and success in projects that require multi-agency coordination, high design abilities and budget restraints.
Mostprojekt is especially noted for its capabilities in structural design, applied research, earthquake engineering. Our skilled and dedicated professionals offer unique experience in bridge design, as well as design of other structures for specific use. Mostprojekt engineers have pioneered many advancements in bridge design and are expert in advanced computer software. Read more »

Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report of Mostprojekt a.d. company is available here Read more »

Bridge over river Vlasina

Demolition design for old bridge and Main design of new bridge over river Vlasina on km.0+050.759, on local road L-13, section: Main road M-9 - Konopnica Read more »

Bridge over river Sava near Ostruznica - phase II

Mostprojekt finished main design of bridge over river Sava with approach structures near Ostruznica (Belgrade) - left highway line (phase II) Read more »

Bridge over river Crni Timok VIII - ID2139

Rehabilitation of the bridge over river Crni Timok VIII on the Main road M5,  section Paracin - Zajecar is in progress.  Read more »

Bridge over Danube in Beska - site tour

Take a look at the pictures made at the recent site tour of bridge Beska over Danube. Read more »

Footbridge on railway station in Pozega, Grand opening

Grand opening of Footbridge on railway station in Pozega, was held on monday 17.01.2011. In May 2009. Mostprojekt completed main design of footbridge in Pozega. Structure is steel truss with spans 27.75+20.23+27.75m. Responsible designer - Novak Velovic grad. civil. eng. Read more »